Hey! Look! Thats me!!! Contemplating life while staring at Machu Picchu…I was probably thinking about lunch honestly.

As a business owner, or even an employee, it’s easy to forget what life can, and should be, about.

Last year I was fortunate to be able to visit 14 new countries, the Super Bowl and the World Series…both of my teams lost…, countless cities in the U.S. and dozens of fascinating events – all while experiencing record growth in my business…all 3 of them.

How did I do it? It wasn’t easy, but it’s a formula anyone with opposable thumbs can follow.  We want to get your business to work for you, instead of you working for your business.

That along with some travel reviews, the occasional rant, and the saga of attempting to build a resort in Costa Rica…that is what this blog is all about.

I’m glad you’re here!!!

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