No Wifi. Panic. And 4 Days in the Jungle

"Doing nothing means unplugging from the compulsion to always keep ourselves busy, the habit of shielding ourselves from certain feelings, the tension of trying to manipulate our experience before we even fully acknowledge what that experience is." - Sharon Salzberg


"Write while the heat is in you. … The writer who postpones the recording of his thoughts uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole with.” —Henry David Thoreau A SINGLE RESOLUTION Not typically one to make new years resolutions, this year the timing was right to commit to just one. Writing a little...every … Continue reading A SINGLE RESOLUTION AND MY 20 FAVORITE PHOTOS OF 2017

Visas… Passports… and American Ignorance

First off, a huge apology. Man I tell you I’ve been slacking on these blog posts. I’ve been so busy thoroughly Effing the 24-7, that I haven’t had much time to write. But back at it today! Since my last post there have been 4 more trips to Costa Rica, Denver for a baseball game, … Continue reading Visas… Passports… and American Ignorance

Slow Down, Speed Up, Lower Your Expectations.

Greetings from Pital, San Carlos, Costa Rica. It's hot and 90% humidity. Maybe that's why I'm in a foul mood. So up until now, most of these posts have been about travel and lifestyle and beaches and resorts in Central America and fruity drinks with sand between our toes. Not today. We are going to … Continue reading Slow Down, Speed Up, Lower Your Expectations.